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Plus Size

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  1. Kalani 50's Dress
    Kalani 50's Dress
  2. Madison 50's Dress
    Madison 50's Dress
  3. Kalani 50's Skirt
    Kalani 50's Skirt
  4. Madison Blouse
    Madison Blouse
  5. Austin Denim Capris
    Austin Denim Capris
  6. Harmony Top
    Harmony Top
  7. Victorine 50's Dress
    Victorine 50's Dress
  8. Melissa Top
    Melissa Top
  9. Sweetie Top
    Sweetie Top
  10. Sakura 50's Skirt
    Sakura 50's Skirt
  11. Alyssa 50's Skirt
    Alyssa 50's Skirt
    Special Price $43.49 Was $64.99
  12. Sweetie 50's Skirt
    Sweetie 50's Skirt
  13. Primavera Blouse
    Primavera Blouse
    Special Price $35.99 Was $50.49
  14. Muriel 50's Dress
    Muriel 50's Dress
    Special Price $57.99 Was $93.99
  15. Sweetie 50's Dress
    Sweetie 50's Dress
  16. Midori Dress
    Midori Dress
  17. Alyssa Mid Dress
    Alyssa Mid Dress
    Special Price $57.99 Was $85.49
  18. Violetta 50's Dress
    Violetta 50's Dress
  19. Judy Capris
    Judy Capris
  20. Wendi Cardigan
    Wendi Cardigan
  21. Hannah Top
    Hannah Top
  22. Muriel 50's Skirt
    Muriel 50's Skirt
  23. Jojo Dress
    Jojo Dress
  24. Violetta Blouse
    Violetta Blouse
    Special Price $43.49 Was $59.49
  25. Violetta 50's Skirt
    Violetta 50's Skirt
  26. Primavera Dress
    Primavera Dress
  27. Sakura Mid Dress
    Sakura Mid Dress
    Special Price $57.99 Was $78.49
  28. Paula 50's Skirt
    Paula 50's Skirt
  29. May Day Dress
    May Day Dress
    Special Price $72.49 Was $88.49
  30. Marguerita 50's Skirt
    Marguerita 50's Skirt
    Special Price $28.99 Was $64.99
  31. Nicky 50's Dress
    Nicky 50's Dress
  32. Mariam Dress
    Mariam Dress
    Special Price $64.99 Was $87.99
  33. Coco Top
    Coco Top
  34. Vanity Mini Dress
    Vanity Mini Dress
    Special Price $42.99 Was $43.49
  35. Joanne Dress
    Joanne Dress
  36. Holly Berry 50's Dress
    Holly Berry 50's Dress
  37. Peebles 50's Dress
    Peebles 50's Dress
  38. Sophie Mid Dress
    Sophie Mid Dress
  39. Feline Top
    Feline Top
  40. Panthera Top
    Panthera Top
  41. Panthera 50's Skirt
    Panthera 50's Skirt
  42. Holly Berry Blouse
    Holly Berry Blouse
  43. Nicola Mini Dress
    Nicola Mini Dress
    Special Price $57.99 Was $91.49
  44. Weston Denim Trousers
    Weston Denim Trousers
  45. Carpenter Denim Jeans
    Carpenter Denim Jeans
  46. Charlie Denim Capris
    Charlie Denim Capris
  47. Indiana Jacket
    Indiana Jacket
  48. Full Moon Skirt
    Full Moon Skirt
  49. Elly May Denim Dungaree
    Elly May Denim Dungaree
  50. Spider Cardigan
    Spider Cardigan
  51. Celine Top
    Celine Top
  52. Peebles 50's Skirt
    Peebles 50's Skirt
  53. Peebles Pinafore Dress
    Peebles Pinafore Dress
  54. Jackson Dress
    Jackson Dress
  55. Mexico 50S Dress
    Mexico 50S Dress
  56. Cherry Pop Dress
    Cherry Pop Dress
  57. Miss Muffet Skirt
    Miss Muffet Skirt
  58. Kay Capri
    Kay Capri
  59. Tina Capris
    Tina Capris
  60. Paloma Cardigan
    Paloma Cardigan
  61. Cherry Pie Top
    Cherry Pie Top
  62. Dolly Top
    Dolly Top
  63. Eternity 50s Dress
    Eternity 50s Dress
  64. Aberdeen 50s Dress
    Aberdeen 50s Dress

Items 1-64 of 295

per page
Set Descending Direction

Our plus size vintage clothing range goes up to a 4XL, with all of our signature prints and styles available to buy online. When it comes to style, size doesn’t matter and we want to make sure all of our Hell Bunnies can stock their wardrobe with their favourite plus size alternative clothing, retro styles and rockabilly fashion. Choose from a wide range of plus size dressestopsskirts and trousers in your favourite Hell Bunny styles, from bold florals and animal print to our deliciously dark plus size gothic clothing in a range of stand out prints.

Whatever style you love to wear, you will find something for your wardrobe at Hell Bunny. Our plus size alternative clothing features rockabilly and gothic designs we know you will love. Browse our latest array of capri pants and short sleeve cardigan alongside our swing skirts and 50s style dresses. All are available in plus sizes up to 4XL so you can find the perfect fit for you. 

Shop the full plus size vintage clothing range at Hell Bunny today and take advantage of our free next day delivery when you spend over £30.

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