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  1. Irvine 50's Dress
    Irvine 50's Dress
  2. Islay Pinafore Dress Plus Size
    Islay Pinafore Dress Plus Size
  3. Irvine 50's Skirt
    Irvine 50's Skirt
  4. Islay 50's Skirt Plus Size
    Islay 50's Skirt Plus Size
  5. Manchester 50's Skirt
    Manchester 50's Skirt
  6. Oktober Pinafore dress
    Oktober Pinafore dress
  7. Oktober 50's Skirt
    Oktober 50's Skirt
  8. Frostine Pinafore Dress
    Frostine Pinafore Dress
  9. Frostine Mid Dress
    Frostine Mid Dress
  10. Irvine Pinafore Dress
    Irvine Pinafore Dress
  11. Peebles 50's Dress
    Peebles 50's Dress
  12. Aberdeen 50s Dress
    Aberdeen 50s Dress
  13. Jodie Pencil Skirt
    Jodie Pencil Skirt
    Special Price $35.99 Was $51.99
  14. Peebles Pinafore Dress
    Peebles Pinafore Dress
  15. Oktober 50's Dress
    Oktober 50's Dress
  16. Doralee Pencil Dress
    Doralee Pencil Dress
    Special Price $50.99 Was $74.99

Items 1-16 of 19

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Everyone needs a little tartan in their wardrobe! This versatile print is a must-have for any punk, gothic or rockabilly babe and at Hell Bunny, we have everything you need to make a stylish statement. From the classic red and black tartan to grey, navy, pink and black & white, there’s a tartan print to suit all tastes. Go bold with allover tartan dresses or add a hint of tartan to your everyday wardrobe with our tartan skirts

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, our tartan dresses collection includes styles that work perfectly, day or night. Give your workwear an edge with a tartan pinafore worn over your favourite t-shirt or blouse, or embrace autumnal vibes with a 50s tartan midi dress for a special occasion. 

There’s a reason why tartan never goes out of style and with new styles added to our site regularly, you can plan a wardrobe for all seasons with this fun pattern. Shop of the full collection today or take a look at our range of 50s skirts and tops for more style inspiration. 

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